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Changing leaves, changing life

Well, so much for my original intention of this being the way for everyone to keep up with my life! Apparently even I can't keep up with my life sometimes, but I'm going to give this another go and promise (again) to stay more current. As I announced in my last post, I accepted a new position and made a career change, and it is now just over a month and I couldn't be more happy with my decision. It was incredibly hard to say good-bye to my last position - my last two weeks were spent mostly doing closure with the men that I worked with, and it was extremely emotionally tolling. I wanted to be able to sit with them and talk about their futures and give them whatever parting words I felt I could. It was also an opportunity for them to say good-bye to me and allow them to explain the impact that I had on their lives. This was probably the most emotional process; I knew that I was making a difference in their lives, but I had no idea what a huge impact I personally made on them