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Harpoon 5 Miler - May 2012
Diva Dash - September 2012
Disney Princess Half Marathon - February 2013
Twin Lights Half Marathon - May 2013
Tough Mudder - June 2013
Falmouth Road Race - August 2013
Somerville Homeless Coalition 5k - October 2013 (27:16.0 8:48/M PR!)
Newport Marathon - October 2013
Somerville Jingle Bell Run 5k - December 2013
Hyannis Half Marathon - February 2014
Ras na hEireann U.S.A. 5K - March 2014
Cambridge City Run 5 miler - April 2014
BAA 5k - April 2014
Maine Coast Marathon - Mother's Day 2014
Johnny Kelley Half Marathon - May 2014
BAA 10k - June 2014
Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5k - July 2014
Boston Triathalon - August 2014
Back on My Feet Midsummer Night BoMF (5k) - August 2014
Cranberry Half Marathon - October 2014 (Part Three of the Cape Cod trilogy)
Franklin Park Coalition Turkey Trot 5K- Thanksgiving 2014 (with Maddie and one in the oven)
Old Port Half Marathon - July 2015
Squantam 5 Miler - August 2015
BAA Half - October 2015
Franklin Park Coalition Turkey Trot 5K- Thanksgiving 2015(our first with every family member!)
Boston Marathon - April 2016
Run to Remember (5 miler) - May 2016
McKeon Post 5k - June 2016
Honan 5k - September 2016
BAA Half - October 2016
Franklin Park Coalition Turkey Trot 5K- Thanksgiving 2016
Boston Marathon, Take Two - April 2017
South Shore Half Marathon - November 2017 
Franklin Park Coalition Turkey Trot 5K- Thanksgiving 2017
Louisiana Marathon - January 2018 
Falmouth Road Race - August 2018
Chicago Marathon - October 2018
Malden Half Marathon - March 2019 - PR of 1:57
BAA 5k - April 2019
New Jersey Marathon - April 2019 - PR of 4:05:35
BAA 10k - June 2019
BAA Half Marathon - October 2019
Chatham Turkey Trot - Thanksgiving 2019
Harpoon 5 Miler Virtual Edition - May 2020
Falmouth Road Race Virtual - August 2020
Newport 10 Miler June 2021
Narragansett Summer Running Festival Half Marathon July 2021
Falmouth Road Race August 2021
Boston Marathon 2021

Firefighter Relief Fund 10k - October 2021
Vermont 10 Miler November 2021
Berlin Marathon - September 2022
Philadelphia Marathon - November 2022

Bucket List:
New York Marathon
New York & Brooklyn Half Marathons
London Marathon
Dublin Marathon


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Quarantine Diaries//The Good Stuff

Welllllll, I guess this is what I get for never getting around to writing that blog about the Disney Cruise we went on, because we are going straight from talking about sober January to um, a very different situation in...what month is it again? Let's get to it. Mondays in quarantine tend to be hard for me; not that I was a big fan of them before, but something about being stuck at home to work, school, parent, exercise, eat (you know all those things we used to do outside the home) just makes Mondays suck extra. While Friday is like a celebration of another week down, maybe another week closer to being on the other side of this, here comes Monday feeling like a daunting reminder that we are still very deep in this.  I have so many thoughts, so many feelings and so many emotions, and coming here to write things down is going to be a part of my routine again, because someday I want to look back at this and be proud of how we handled things, happy about being through it and th

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 Oh what a difference a year makes! I just read through my 2019 recap , and then my 20 goals for 2020 and, like everyone, the world had a different plan for me. Our family was very, very lucky in how the pandemic affected us. The people close to us who got sick got better, we were able to keep our jobs and go to school (mostly in-person, even) and our village really stepped up and (metaphorically) held us up. Although we had a lot of changes in the plans we did have, I thought it would be nice to reflect on 2020 and bid it adieu (like, thank you see yourself out and lose my number, thanks).  January:  We rang in the New Year a little too hard and started our first Sobery January, hitting the reset button if you will. I spent time reading, hitting the gym (that time I took a Twerk 101 class dead sober) and soaking up some really sunny winter days with the girls. Playground time in January. February: We took my Mom on a Disney Cruise and spent some time in Florida, all while little piece

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October first is here, so I think it is safe to say that the summer of 2020 has come to an end. The leaves are changing colors, sweatshirts are making their way out of drawers, pumpkin is being consumed in every way possible and Halloween costumes are a regular topic of dinner conversation. For us, our children are also back in school, but for all of us, a pandemic rages on, leaving sickness and sorrow in its path. A mixed bag, if there ever was one. I love, love, love the fall in New England, but it continues to be hard to enjoy it, or anything, to the fullest in a world full of so much anxiety, the unknown, constantly in the back of my mind. We had a really lovely summer. It makes me feel guilty to say, and I am fully aware that this summer's joy was not there for many others. Working from home gave us a flexibility we have never had as a family, we could meet our work obligations from anywhere, so we did. Cape Cod, Maine, New Hampshire - New England was our oyster and our bubble