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Harpoon 5 Miler - May 2012
Diva Dash - September 2012
Disney Princess Half Marathon - February 2013
Twin Lights Half Marathon - May 2013
Tough Mudder - June 2013
Falmouth Road Race - August 2013
Somerville Homeless Coalition 5k - October 2013 (27:16.0 8:48/M PR!)
Newport Marathon - October 2013
Somerville Jingle Bell Run 5k - December 2013
Hyannis Half Marathon - February 2014
Ras na hEireann U.S.A. 5K - March 2014
Cambridge City Run 5 miler - April 2014
BAA 5k - April 2014
Maine Coast Marathon - Mother's Day 2014
Johnny Kelley Half Marathon - May 2014
BAA 10k - June 2014
Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5k - July 2014
Boston Triathalon - August 2014
Back on My Feet Midsummer Night BoMF (5k) - August 2014
Cranberry Half Marathon - October 2014 (Part Three of the Cape Cod trilogy)
Franklin Park Coalition Turkey Trot 5K- Thanksgiving 2014 (with Maddie and one in the oven)
Old Port Half Marathon - July 2015
Squantam 5 Miler - August 2015
BAA Half - October 2015
Franklin Park Coalition Turkey Trot 5K- Thanksgiving 2015(our first with every family member!)
Boston Marathon - April 2016
Run to Remember (5 miler) - May 2016
McKeon Post 5k - June 2016
Honan 5k - September 2016
BAA Half - October 2016
Franklin Park Coalition Turkey Trot 5K- Thanksgiving 2016
Boston Marathon, Take Two - April 2017
South Shore Half Marathon - November 2017 
Franklin Park Coalition Turkey Trot 5K- Thanksgiving 2017
Louisiana Marathon - January 2018 
Falmouth Road Race - August 2018
Chicago Marathon - October 2018
Malden Half Marathon - March 2019 - PR of 1:57
BAA 5k - April 2019
New Jersey Marathon - April 2019 - PR of 4:05:35
BAA 10k - June 2019
BAA Half Marathon - October 2019
Chatham Turkey Trot - Thanksgiving 2019
Harpoon 5 Miler Virtual Edition - May 2020
Falmouth Road Race Virtual - August 2020
Newport 10 Miler June 2021
Narragansett Summer Running Festival Half Marathon July 2021
Falmouth Road Race August 2021
Boston Marathon 2021

Firefighter Relief Fund 10k - October 2021
Vermont 10 Miler November 2021
Berlin Marathon - September 2022
Philadelphia Marathon - November 2022

Bucket List:
New York Marathon
New York & Brooklyn Half Marathons
London Marathon
Dublin Marathon


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A Day in the Life: Food Edition

If you haven't figured it out from this here blog, my life is pretty darn busy but I crave routine and do a pretty good job at sticking to a "regular" schedule, even if it does start at 5am and end sometime after 10pm. One of my most consistent things in life is definitely my eating. I love to eat, and love trying new foods and new restaurants but during the week I am the most boring person ever because I literally eat the same things at the same time every single day. At dinner, we get buck wild, but between 5 and 5, I am like a senior citizen. Here is a day in the life of what I am munching on: 5:00am (or whenever I stop hitting snooze) : one cup of coffee brewed at home with a hefty splash of half and half. I recently switched to the "light cream" store brand but that is as low on the fat as I will go - milk just does not do it for me like cream does. Post-run/workout (around 6:45) : second cup of coffee with cream Commute breakfast (between 7:1

Good-Bye Green Line

Tonight is officially my last night as an Allstonian. Or a Brightonian. I won't even live off the green line after I wake up tomorrow morning. No more 45 minute train rides that stop every block, no more "This train will run express to Packard's Corner". Tomorrow when I wake up I will pack the cat into his carrier, grab my purse and my husband will drive me and this baby in my belly to Dorchester, to our home, where we will have our first baby, our first wedding anniversary, where we will be "mom and dad" for the first time instead of just "husband and wife" or "Stef and Matty". I will use the vacuum cleaner Matty bought last night, the first new vacuum cleaner I have ever owned in my twenty nine years, and I will hang up pictures from our wedding, our trips to other states and time zones, pictures of our friends and our families. And on Monday I will wake up and catch the Red Line into work. It won't take too long, despite being fart

Monday night and half a bottle of riesling.

You may be asking yourself now, "why the hell does Stef need a blog, she spends too much damn time on myspace/facebook/perezhilton as it is". Well, I have one because I need one. I get writers cramp too bad to keep a journal, and I can drink and type with much more ease. But really, I think this will be a good way to organize my thoughts, and keep my scattered friends better posted on my life. When your closest friends span from Seattle to Spain, it can be hard to keep them up to the minute on the important things in life - like what I'm doing on any given Monday night. (The answer tonight is sitting on the couch watching the Red Sox, while Matty reads the Augusten Burroughs book I just finished, having just ate a super yummy "smothered pork chop" dish that said Matty made, and applying for jobs at the Crime and Justice Institute). I really just plan on rambling on about my life, and sharing things that I think you ought to know like if Matty and I went for a bi