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Loooong Weekend!

In two more hours my three day weekend commences! I am pretty excited to have so little planned for once. Our main goal is to get to the beach and fire up our grill and spend some time together relaxing. Sounds pretty heavenly, no? I really can't believe that it is September and that I am really thinking about the fall and having a one year old. I swear she was just born! Wow. Time flies when you're being a mama to the most awesome little lady. Matty and I will celebrate our two year wedding anniversary in a few weeks, but in contrast it feels as though he has been my husband for much longer. I can't imagine having so much fun being a wife, mama, and so true to myself without him. He's just pretty much the best, period. I though that fall was going to mean a slow down and then I tried to schedule brunch with a friend and realized that slow down, um, not so much. I had a bit of a breakdown recently over feeling so rushed and busy all of the time, and so Matty and I d

Currently 08.28

I kind of can't believe that a week has passed since my last Currently post...I swear I meant to post another blog in between! Oh well, enjoy! And let me know what you are up to! Loving: The fact that this weekend is going to be so gorgeous! Matty, Maddie and I went to the beach this past Sunday and I was really quite settled with (what I thought was) the fact that it was going to be our last summer beach day. But alas, this weekend is going to be even warmer than last! I am hoping that we will either head up to Rockport or go visit Maddie's Grandpa on the Cape but I will be just as happy with another day on Nantasket...who cares, we will be on the beach! Maddie loves going to the beach! Reading: All of the summer issues of the magazines I have subscriptions to: Real Simple, Glamour, Shape, Food and Wine, Travel + Leisure. Yes, I get a ton of magazines in the mail; it used to be so I could take them to the beach and leisurely read them, but now I have chubby little th


A blogger I follow started doing these little check ins, and I think it is a fun way to get some blog inspiration and share what's going on in the fabulous life of Stefanie! Feel free to play along, and post your blog in the comments so I can see yours! Loving: Making it to yoga twice a week. In a perfect world I would go much more, but I am committed to my Tuesday night class with the bestie and my Saturday morning class at the Y with the old people and my teacher that looks like the Old Spice guy. I first tried yoga with my friend Daley in Reno when we were in high school and always did it on and off until I moved to Boston and attempted to make it a regular part of my life. It was incredibly helpful when I was working in the prison; I would sit in an hour of traffic to get back to Boston and just let everything from the day melt away in those classes. I was a sex offender therapist at the time and spent hours upon hours listening to horrible things that most people go the

Inside Out Baby!

Today is Madeleine's "inside out birthday" aka her 9 month mark! Woohoo! Happy 9 months, my precious little girl! I love the smell of your head and the slight kick of your feet as I cuddle you in your sleep. I love your gummy grin and crazzzzy hair when you sit up in bed first thing in the morning, always ready to start the day with a smile. I love the way you are SO persistent in your attempts to stand up; one handed balance, go kaboom on your diaper butt and do it all over again. I love watching you smile at your "Dada" and flap your arms when he gets home from work. I love naps on the weekends with you and having our girl talk over cereal in the morning. Your presence, your personality and your smile are all your Daddy and I need to make us beam with love and happiness. I can't wait to see what the next nine months has to hold! XoXo, Mama

Eight Months of Mamahood

My sweet little Madeleine passed her eight month mark; her nine month check up is already on this month's calendar. I am talking about her first birthday in a realistic, planning sort of way. My sweet little chubby cheeked munchkin, oh how she has stolen my heart, and her Dada's too (she does, after all, say Dada over and over and over these days). She is gorgeous, a perfect mix of me and Matty and all of our family traits - the big, blue eyes from my family; the perfect, rounded nose from his. She is a funny kiddo - she is constantly smiling with her toothless, gummy mouth and squishy nose. She loves her kitty, her wonderful nanny and eating yogurt with blueberries. She hates going to sleep when there are more important matters to tend to (ie. anything else); she can't stop pulling herself up on anything and everything and bouncing up and down on her chubby, delicious legs. I curl up next to her each night and wake up in the mornings to her adorable smile and mess