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Currently, 05/22.

I haven't written one of these posts since I was stuck at work on Marathon Monday, lamenting not getting to be out there with everyone cheering on the runners. Today I am so thankful for being at work because it kept me and my family from being in the bleachers at the finish line when the bombs went off and my city was forced to show the world just how strong and resilient we are. That day will always be heavy in my heart. Oh these sweet little ponytails; they slay me! Watching Hockey! Like every Bostonian I cannot help but be glued to the playoffs each night they are on, or at least reading my book in the living room while watching the game/my husband's crazy silent cheer or fit depending on how the game is going. Having a sleeping toddler in the house really changes how you get to react to the tv and Matty has seemed to perfect the silent freak out for whatever way a game is going. It's really quite impressive. Go Bruins! Listening To Maddie is in this awesome

Happy Half Birthday, Maddie Jane!

Watching the cars get serviced. Today you are 18 months old; a year ago we were just introducing food to you and this morning you wolfed down a bowl of blueberries and then brought me the empty bowl and pointed to the kitchen, informing me that you were ready for more as we had our morning ritual of milk and Sesame Street on the couch together. Today I put your hair in a pony tail for the first time and you looked adorable and seemed to appreciate the freedom it afforded you to take all the blocks out of their container and put them back in without getting your hair in your face.We went to get the oil changed in the car and after you had gone  up to each staff person and said hello you walked around to all the cars in the showroom and told me what color they were, showed me where their lights were and tried to open the door of your favorite shiny, red convertible. Then you watched the cars getting fixed through the glass, munching on Goldfish and waving at anyone new that came in

Left on Boylston

Saturday was a gorgeous day in Boston; Matty and I woke up early, took Maddie in the jogging stroller and ran along the beach in Southie in preparation for our half marathon on Sunday. Just a little warm up to get us ready for the race; stretch our legs and our lungs and get us excited to run our first race together. I had decided earlier that week that I wanted to go down to Copley  that afternoon to load up on running fuel at Marathon Sports, get my free birthday Pinkberry, hit up a food truck and otherwise spread some money around the area devastated by the bombings on Marathon Monday. It was also a trip of healing for me, to see the memorial set up and smile at some fellow Bostonians and otherwise work on life and my city getting back to normal. I had not been to Copley Square since the Saturday before the Marathon and it's one of my favorite spots to walk around on a beautiful day such as we were having. We found a parking spot (!!) near the Public Garden, strapped Maddie