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Sick day(s)

I hate being sick. I know that no one likes being sick, but being sick is like the antithesis of me. So far I have missed work, a community dialogues session, a second day of work, the gym and now I am going to miss a Civic Leadership Institute reunion and a drink with Nina. I am glad that I have finally learned to stay home and focus on getting better when I am sick, which is something I have learned only in the past few years and has a lot to do with Matty making me do so and having a job where I can actually call in sick. I haven't missed two days in a long time, but it is probably not because this is the first time I have needed to but is the first time that I can do so. Aside from missing out on my responsibilities, I just hate the lack of productivity that I feel when I am laying on the couch feeling sorry for myself. My house could definitely use a mini-cleaning. There are some errands that need to be run. But here I am laying on the couch, watching the 20th hour of the Toda

Kind of Blue

Today is the first day since I got married that I have been sad for longer than three or four minutes. It has only been a few hours, but in comparison, I totally feel like I have the blues. Life is still wonderful, blessed and exciting; that has not changed. But I am coming down off of my happy honeymoon cloud and addressing the things that I chose not to address so I could enjoy the bliss of wedding and honeymoon time. The things that I decided to wait on also waited on me. I am sad because two of my close friends are not friends anymore and I feel as though I watched it happen and I wish I could have said or done more. I have learned a very valuable lesson: if someone is doing something that is upsetting someone, including yourself, it is important to say something so that they know they are doing something not okay. They may or may not change their ways, but at least you can feel good about the fact that you said something and you tried to be a part of the solution. I am vowing to b

1/12 of 26.2

Yesterday was my one month wedding anniversary! I'm not really going to be one of those crazy people, but it is pretty crazy that it has only/already been a month. Matty and I have both been pretty busy since we have been home; I am back to trying to save the world and throwing lots of parties (which are sometimes related) and he is off training for the Boston Marathon (!!!). I am super proud of him and excited to be his fund raising manager. I plan on throwing at least two epic fund raiser parties and am going to utilize the crap out of social networking sites to try and bring in the bucks. His goal is $2,000 and I hope to surpass that, especially since it is going to help fight rare diseases and he is able to run because of Genzyme's support of the National Organization for Rare Disorders. He is going to kick so much ass and I am super excited to be the crazy lady with the shirt and the sign and the beer breath at the finish line to hug him (even if his nipples are bloody,


I have been married almost one month. Today we are throwing our first post-wedding party at our house, it is our annual Oktoberfest where Matty makes sauerbraten and we make tons of brats and schnitzles and everyone brings beer and we all get very drunk. It should be epic, especially since this year I have an awesome beer wench costume and my new work friends are coming (well, most of them) and I am totally in love with them and excited to have them meet my wonderful husband and some of our friends. I really, really love the fall. It is so beautiful here in New England and it is so exciting to wear sweaters and scarves after a summer of sweating. We were supposed to go and visit Amy in Northampton tomorrow to go apple picking, but we are attempting to be really financially responsible and pay off debt and build our credit scores in anticipation of being able to get a home loan, so unfortunately we had to put it off. I really miss Amy so I am sad, but it will be a nice day of Matty watc


Anyone that knows me, knows that I love making lists. At work I have an entire notepad that has all my different to-do lists: case notes to enter, reports to write, people to call, upcoming events to register for, even a daily random to-do list. It keeps me super organized, and is probably why I am spending my last 42 minutes at work writing a blog and eating half of a doughnut instead of doing actual work. It's not that I don't have work to do, it's just that the work I need to do is conveniently outlined in my to-do list pad for tomorrow. I have crossed enough things off of it today. I have just started to learn about this whole "bucket list" concept. When you google the term, all sorts of things show up. Links about the movie (which I have not seen), sites on how to make your own bucket lists, and even on-line trackers so you can complete your own bucket list in the appropriate amount of time, before you too kick the bucket (how they can track your demise, I d

Introducing: Mrs. O'Shea!

Well loyal readers, we did it, Matty and I went and got ourselves hitched! It was beautiful. It was perfect. It went by in the blink of an eye. Our friends and family all had a blast, there was eating and drinking and dancing, laughing and crying and hugging, and at the end of it all, there were two who had become one . In addition to everything that Matty and I are: best friends, teammates, lovers, and partners, we are now married, family, united in one with the Church and with each other. I have to admit - it feels totally different. I am still absolutely head over heels in love with him, as I have been since the day I met him, but I am now just so secure in that love, so committed and protective and calmed by the union that we now share. It is, in one word, bliss. After our wedding and the super fun party of a reception that followed, Matty and I jetted off to South Beach for a few days on the beach. We slept in late, drank bloody Maria's (with tequila, because when in Rome...