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Diva Dash-ed

Oh my gosh, today was SO much fun. I did the Shape Diva Dash, which I had been defining as a "really easy, girly version of the Tough Mudder" and kind of selling myself short on how tough it was going to be. It was definitely, absolutely in no way as crazy as the Mudder, Spartan or Warrior, but it was a challenge and was super, super fun. I did two things I had never done today: trail running and obstacles, and it turns out I really enjoy them. I feel like trail running might end in a broken ankle for me based on the ease of tripping over nature when doing so, but I still want to try and do it once in a while. This is a pretty big deal considering I am not a huge fan of nature and am pretty much the most clumsy 5'10" lady ever. But considering that a couple of years ago I would have laughed at anyone who suggested doing what I did today, or even me being a runner. I feel like all bets are off. I mean, I am pretty much watching football while Matty sleeps on the flo

Currently 09.07

I love these weekly posts; they make sure that I blog and reflect on my week, and hopefully inspire you to do the same. Leave me your Currently link in my comments so I can see what's going on in your fabulous life too! Maddie and her photo album of loved ones, and her awesome NOLA onesie, just because I want to share this picture! Loving: That this week is over. It has not been a good one at the O'Shea house, despite the fact that there were only four working days, there was a lot of yuck in those four days. I didn't manage to get in a single run due to being super exhausted/snooze finger happy, which always makes me feel less awesome about my day. The munchkin has a new tooth coming in, so she has also been a little unhappy, and not afraid to tell us! I locked myself out of the house yesterday so instead of coming home and relaxing after walking up a huge hill with a bjorned baby and three bags, I got to sit on the porch and wish for my living room. But, the week i

Buh-Bye Summer

Oh, hey Wednesday night? Where did you come from? And why is there football on tv? Oh, right, because summer is absolutely on its way outta here. Zoom. Later. We pretty much had a jazz funeral for summer this past weekend and did everything that we loved doing all summer in three and a half days off. Friday our dear friend Steve who is now on the West Coast arranged a hang out to drink beer, eat food and catch up at the Abbey in Brookline. I got to meet my former boss at Starbucks' sweet little 5 month old boy and try the Cambridge Brewing Co. Hefeweizen too! Saturday we dedicated to the beach after my yoga class and a run along the beach in Southie. We packed up the baby, the bestie Kate, and some good food and headed up to Rockport. We used to go there a lot the summer before we got married but apparently never got the memo about how amazing Front Beach is and how adorable Bearskin Neck is. There are tons of cute shops and places to eat and some amazing views of the harbor.