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City Life in COVID Times

We moved into our home 6 years ago this summer; one two year old and one in the oven (that we discovered the day of our closing). We got lucky and into our place before the housing prices became really, really, really insane, but we still paid a lot per square foot for the 1,000 of them we became proud owners of.  But alas, great location, the best neighbors ever, and three bedrooms for our family = the perfect place for us. We chose a condo, the first floor of a triple decker, for our forever home. We love the city and want to be here forever, and since we are such a busy family, spending over a half a million for a single family home seemed like a big waste of money and square footage.  Both Matt and I work outside the house, the girls go to school right down the street and are busy with dance, soccer, martial arts, choir, theater, track and all the friends we can find at any of the three parks within walking distance. We have the zoo, the aquarium, museums, the beach, restaurants,