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Spilling the Baby Beans

What can I say, I really love post-its. We sent this to my Mommy to remind her that she'll be making pancakes for me this time next year. Kidding Mom! Finding out we are pregnant has been the single most exciting thing to happen to the two of us since getting engaged, but we actually had to think about this announcement and how/when/who to tell. At first it was just ours to share, only we knew that there is this little person growing inside of me, and we could look at each other and know that we had this awesome secret between us. The thing is though, I hate secrets. I hate surprises. I love blabbing about things, especially exciting things. This whole intimate husband and wife secret thing was not going to last. I love you my dear husband, but I got a mouth on me, and he knows that. The obvious first person for me to tell was my Mommy, the woman who carried and birthed me and has been my closest confidant for 28 (then, now 29) years. So I called her and we chatted and, since she w

There's a baby in my belly!

It's true!! Matty and I made a baby, and it's growing and thriving in my tummy right now! As of today I am 12 weeks and going into my 13th (helloooo 2nd trimester) and I am feeling great. I have been ridiculously lucky and have not had any morning sickness or crankiness or emotional breakdowns at all. The most significant symptoms I have are being super, duper tired and a bout of hormonal acne that is bringing me back to my high school days. Both of these things are supposed to fade out this trimester, and I am going to see my dermatologist to get some prego-friendly goods for my face. Considering the many (many, many) stories we have all heard/seen/read/experienced about what being knocked up is like, I think I am making out like a bandit with this pregnancy so far. Since this is the first time I have been able to shout it from the rooftop, I give you my little story on how we found out there was a baby on board: March 14th was a Monday that followed a pretty crazy weekend. I