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To Boston

The Finish Line pre-race, Saturday morning.  I was just here on Monday, blogging away my time while I waited for Matty and Madeleine to come pick me up from work after they were done watching the Marathon. I was so sad to be missing it; I had only missed it one other year in my 7 years in Boston, and that was the year I was in New Orleans volunteering post-Katrina. I was  jealous of everyone out there on a beautiful spring day, cheering on the runners and taking part in an event that is just so very Boston . But, if there was a year for me to miss, this one made the most sense. Matty decided to take the year off so that he could just enjoy running instead of training and so he could cheer on his running team . He had also been helping me train for my  own races in preparation for me to run the Marathon in 2014 with my organization's charity team; creating training plans, getting me out of bed in the mornings and keeping Maddie entertained on my long weekend runs. He had run

Currently, Marathon Edition

My trio at Madeleine's first Red Sox game this weekend! Watching: the 117th Boston Marathon. On my computer. At work. Whomp, whomp. I am stuck at work on Marathon Monday for the first time in many years and am really sad that I am not outside with Matty and Maddie and all our friends cheering the runners on. This is the first Marathon that Matty hasn't run in a couple of years and the first since I have started running my own races, so I am really disappointed that I don't get to watch it in person, but there has been a lot of realization that I have to grow up and accept that I am a leader in this new position and need to suck it up once in a while. But why did it have to be so nice out today? Waaaah! Listening to: Lately I have been trying to play music that Maddie likes to dance to, which is usually anything, though she does show a strong preference for Latin music (not sure where she gets that from!). If you ask her to "dance, dance" she stops what s

Spring, trying to spring.

Happy April! It's pretty hard to believe that we are now well into spring, what with the winter coat I put on this morning and the grey skies I see outside my office window, but the rolled down windows yesterday afternoon on my drive in to work definitely tell me spring is coming, or at least trying to! "Take me outside, Mama!" The most exciting thing about the change in weather, for me, is the ability to spend more time outside with the wee one. All she wants to do is be outside, even just a chance to sit on the front porch or  to walk around the park makes her so happy, and it makes Mama very happy too. I feel awful having to be cooped up in the house when all she wants to do is spread those long, toddler legs and run around like a little Olympian, and it looks like we are going to have much more of an opportunity to do so as the ten day forecast incites less tears and angry fist shaking at the sky. This weekend we had a chance to take Maddie for a make-up egg h