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Pre-Summer Update

It's that time of year! You know, when everything is getting warm and the sun is setting a little later and it's so exciting, except for those horrible allergies that make you look like you slept once last week and got punched in the face a bunch and sound super-not-sexy. I am not complaining, I am just saying, I HATE allergies. Ugh. I feel totally sick today and got negative sleep last night. Of all the times in my life I cannot be getting sick! I have a wedding to plan! Not to mention the need to kick my ass at the gym for dress shopping and the engagement shoot and my bridal shower! Go away pollen!!! But really, our wedding is so super close now that I am starting to get into some sort of zone. Sometimes I start looking at websites for dresses or hairstyles or shoes and I lose entire hours. Hours! My Mom is going to be here in a few weeks and we have 3 appointments booked for me to try on dresses and she gets to be here for my shower, which is so super awesome and is all bec