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20 for 2020

Happy new decade, new year, two thousand and twenty!! Yes, I realize the month is officially halfway through, but I wanted to take some time to settle in to the year and think about what I want the next year, or five or ten to look like. Resolutions, goals, ideas, whatever you want to call them, I always like to have written down things that I am working towards so this year I challenged myself to think of 20 ideas that can make my 2020 better. Good luck to anyone out there trying to be better day by day, whether through one idea or twenty. Meditate: I have an app, I have the time, and now I just need to do it. I feel so much better after the minute of silent meditation we do at work before meetings and I know a regular practice would be so great so I am committed to making mediation a real routine.  Crow Pose: True story, I took my first yoga class 20 years ago and when I am focused I get to at least one class a week, and sometimes two, but I have never mastered this pose. Happ