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Over the Weekend

I started using eye cream for the first time in my life about a week ago, as a preventative measure, you know? I get really dry skin around my eyes and figured that not only would I be helping to fix that situation but that I would also be tackling any wrinkles that may show up in ten years (shhh, I know, I know, don't ruin it for me). Last night as I was washing my make up off for bed I noticed that my eyes seem a little brighter and the dry skin is a lot better, making me feel pretty good about my forward nine hours when I am standing in front of the same mirror with bags the size and color of a body bag hanging out underneath there. Hell-o Monday! But hey, we had a good weekend and learned that even (especially) on a Sunday a late nap will definitely screw the kiddo's sleep schedule up and keep her awake way past the time that we want to be awake. Never stop learning, people. We started our weekend off by attending a beautiful wedding reception in Narragans

The Little Things

As luck would have it, Maddie's nanny had an afternoon appointment so I left work early and spent the post-nap part of the day with  her, just the two of us.It was a beautiful day and we weren't quite ready to go home, so we made a stop at Castle Island to enjoy some fall air. It was fairly early in the afternoon so there were not too many people around and Maddie got the run of the playground; then we decided to go for a walk around the fort to watch the planes and boats and get some ice cream from Sullivan's (ok, more my idea than hers, honestly what kid does not run to the prospect of ice cream? My kid! Crazy). My little lady definitely loves tutus, dolls and the color pink and is the cutest pig tailed thing I have ever seen, but what she really loves are trains, buses, cars, planes and boats.  It is something about her that I absolutely adore - this organic love for all things transportation related, that are typically attributed to "things that

Good Stuff

I can't believe how much things have changed in the couple of weeks since my last post; it's amazing how life can turn itself upside down and around so quickly and things can end up being so darn great! Where to start? Well, once upon a time, okay in March of this year, I made the really difficult decision to leave the organization that I had been working for to move into a different role and organization. It was a very hard move for me to make, and it ended up being more about the personal feelings I had for myself and my career than it did for anything else. I was happy at work and loved the organization, but I felt like I had outgrown my position and didn't feel great about having the education and experience I have and not being able to utilize it as I wanted to. As anyone in non-profit knows, there is often very little room for growth, and though I had been very lucky to have a position created for me to promote into, there came a time when I could no longer move up,

Currently, September Edition

Oh, these sweet curly pigtails. I cannot get enough. Watching When we cut down on cable earlier in the year I had no idea how resourceful we could get, including the generosity of friends and family who let us use their premium channel log-ins (oh HBO and Showtime, how I missed you!). Between Amazon Prime and being able to watch True Blood again, I feel pretty good about that one hour each night between putting Maddie down to sleep and passing out on the couch in a lump of exhaustion while trying to make it through a whole episode of something. Oh who am I kidding, I watch Thomas and Friends more than I even get to watch the news, but at least I have options! Listening To So much punk rock thanks to the nifty folks at Pandora. I swear the Murder City Devils station has been pumping out some seriously good jams lately: Minor Threat, Bad Brains, the Misfits; it feels like my youth all over again, except I am listening to it while I run 15 miles or drive my toddler around running