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It's officially my favorite time of year! I love the Fall in New England - the crisp weather, apple picking, Oktoberfests, breaking out the hearty recipes! It's seriously my favorite, despite the ridiculous influx of students even! Summer was amazing . The best Summer I have had since I went to Europe and Hawaii after graduating from Suffolk, and I got to share everything with my favorite person, which makes it that much more amazing. I didn't go far from home, but that in no way impeded on the incredible sites and sounds and foods I was able to partake in. I got to explore a lot of New England that I have never seen - multiple trips to the Cape, Martha's Vineyard, Maine, and even some bike trails and beaches near the city that I've never been to. Matty and I rode bikes, drank beers, and ate an ocean's full of seafood in every town we visited, further solidifying the already solidified fact that I am absolutely marrying my best friend. We have so much fun toget