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Quarantine Diaries//The Good Stuff

Welllllll, I guess this is what I get for never getting around to writing that blog about the Disney Cruise we went on, because we are going straight from talking about sober January to um, a very different situation in...what month is it again? Let's get to it.

Mondays in quarantine tend to be hard for me; not that I was a big fan of them before, but something about being stuck at home to work, school, parent, exercise, eat (you know all those things we used to do outside the home) just makes Mondays suck extra. While Friday is like a celebration of another week down, maybe another week closer to being on the other side of this, here comes Monday feeling like a daunting reminder that we are still very deep in this. 

I have so many thoughts, so many feelings and so many emotions, and coming here to write things down is going to be a part of my routine again, because someday I want to look back at this and be proud of how we handled things, happy about being through it and thankful for the good that we have been able to find in the terrible.

Since I am feeling extra bummed today, here are some of the things that have been good, made me smile or helped me get out of bed with some amount of determination.

I have more time to work out. I have been going for a run most every morning, including 10 miles every Saturday and taking a lunchtime yoga, barre or bootcamp with the awesome team at my fitness studio. Not having to get a bunch of people ready and out of the house super early each day has its perks!

I talk to my friends a lot. Texting, Zoom-ing, even good old fashion phone calls have been a constant; I feel like we are truly in this together and keeping each other laughing, crying and making all the plans for when we can hang out again. I have the best friends in the world and I am so thankful for them lately.

I don't feel rushed. Before this I was a busy, busy person running a busy, busy household and often felt the need to be in five places at once. Now, not so much! But of course, I am keeping somewhat busy with virtual events and the virtual races that I cannot seem to stop registering for...

I get to hug my kids a lot. There are a lot of things to complain about when trying to work and school from home, but I do love that my kids can pop in and give me a hug or tell me something about what they are working on throughout the day instead of trying to squeeze it all in at the dinner table.

I love my husband. I mean, I knew this before I was quarantined with him and our brood, but I am so thankful that of all the people to endure this with, he is my person. He is working super hard (biotech is booming right now) but he is making sure that the girls and I are getting the love and attention that we need from him. He also runs an impressive interference against two very koala bear-like girls on the mornings I need to sleep in and want to be alone in our bed.

I am able to do my job at home. Although I miss seeing my team in person, we have some great Zoom hangouts and I have been given some leeway to do more writing for work, which I am grateful to have the opportunity to do. I am busy and I feel like I am contributing to something big that matters, despite doing it from my home. I was even allowed to write a bit about what we are doing at my org in our local paper!

This is one part of so much more going on in our lives, but it felt good to put down some of the positives on a day that the negatives felt so heavy.

Charcuterie by me for our Saturday night date.

This dude could not be happier about us being home 24/7.

Porch hangs and sunshine are a great combo.

My dude getting us stocked up on beer and TP, supporting local.


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