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Quarantine//Summer 2020

I had a lot of ideas about how our quarantine was going to go and while some of it was true (fun family time! new recipes! not getting ourselves or our loved ones killed by being selfish!) there were definitely a lot of false hopes (reading more! drinking like a normal person! blogging!). But hey, we are still here, masked, hand washed and taking little baby steps back into outside of the house activities. 

Just a few things going on over in our neck of the woods:

I am very very very very glad that school is over. While our teachers and school did an amazing job going virtual, the little heartbreaks of things they were missing would really lay me out flat sometimes. Field trips, end of the year activities, recitals - everytime one came up in a social media memory feed it was like a wave of grief over me. These kids are so damn resilient and did the best they could in a Zoom world and I am just glad we can count those last few months as history.

We are so incredibly fortunate to have spent over a week and a half down the Cape right after school let out; it was the best reset button to take a deep breath and feel a little normal. Being on the beach is our happy place, so we did about as much as that as we possibly could, mixed in with bike rides, ice cream and people we love.

I have been somewhat quiet regarding the awesome work being done by Black Lives Matter and the long overdue social justice reforms being discussed and that is because my voice needs to take a backseat and my actions need to speal. I am very loud about the issues that matter to me and racial equity is absofreakinglutely one of those issues, but I want to let others speak - people of color, people who have experienced racism, people who have to think twice about their everyday activities for fear of losing their lives. I am trying to listen, learn and act while not making it someone else's burden to teach me. I feel immensely lucky that my job is so deeply rooted in these issues and my daily work bring me close to amazing, brilliant people that I admire. I am watching and learning from them everyday while standing shoulder to shoulder with them in this. 

Quarantine summer planning is in full effect over here with no summer camps and no far-away trips; so far we have a couple of nearby getaways planned, a schedule for summer learning that will hopefully get at least a few weeks of use before we forget about it and a whole lot of beach and bike riding planned. 

Mask it or casket, Black Lives Matter and virtual hugs 💋.


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