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Quarantine Cuisine//What We Ate

 The pandemic has changed a lot of the things about our home lives, both for better and for worse, but having more time to cook and less need for rushing to eat has definitely been a benefit. 

When things shut down and grocery shopping started to feel like the Hunger Games, I took the hit in the wallet and started going to Whole Foods, which was like a tropical paradise of foods (and alcohol!) and resulted in some pretty fancy eats. We are back shopping at our local Stoppies now, but part of me is hankering to get my fancy leggings on and take a loop through Whole Foods again soon.

Like a lot of people, we tried some new recipes, ate our feelings more than a few times and ordered a lot of take out to support the local economy, but here are some things that have now become the new norm.

Eating salads. I like salads, but it wasn't until a couple of months passed without eating one that I realized my body would probably appreciate having them regularly again. Slogging a homemade one to the office was usually ok, but now that I can take a few minutes and freshly make one to eat at lunch while I WFH has been awesome. Lots of green goddess dressing, tuna fish and jalapenos lately as I try to balance out the rest of the damage I have done since March!

Apples and peanut butter! One of my favorite "treats" that is actually good for me, and since I can pop into the kitchen to cut an apple up fresh and plop a big spoon of PB on it, I am totally back at it.

Cape Cod Frozen Pizzas. I am late to the game, I know, but wow, these are so good (and yes, on the grill, too!).

Walden Meat. We finally got off of the wait list that COVID caused and we are loving it. We do not usually buy a ton of meat, but now we have so much variety and are building meals around our delivery. Matt made the BEST burgers one night, I added the Italian sausage to my already delicious marinara and tonight we are having ribs. So good and so cool to support local, ethical companies. 

Taco Tuesday. Already a pretty consistent occurrence in our house, we really dug in and made this a true weekly event and even got one of the kids to eat tacos (sometimes). Things really took off when Matt started making margaritas from scratch and we cracked open the ghost pepper queso and salsa from Stonewall.

Pico de Gallo. On everything! Avocado toast, scrambled eggs, you name it, I want to pico it.

With the girls going back to school in person while we continue to mostly work from home, I am looking forward to reconnecting together at the dinner table and getting some cooler weather to cook in, without being in a rush.

What has been your go-to dish lately? Please share your recipes!

Homemade and almost as good as Cape Cod.
Just a little Irish breakfast.

Easter brunching on the porch.
Charcuterie date night.

Micheladas for Taco Tuesday.


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